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Level 2 Juice Cleanse

Marvé Level 2 intermediate cleanse 1-day Cleanse 3-day Cleanse

About the Cleanse 

Cleanse level 2 is our moderate cleanse. This cleanse is designed to be lower in calories and sugar while providing essential ingredients to aid in digestion and to boost immunity. Cleanse level 2 includes 6 Cold Pressed Juices and 2 Wellness Shots for each day of your cleanse. This Cleanse is designed to help your system naturally detox and provide maximum nutritional benefits. Available as a 1 Day or 3 Day Cleanse.

Level 2 Juice Cleanse Instructions

Upon Waking:

Intense Yellow cold pressed juice followed by Strength Wellness Shot

Mid Morning: 

Light Green cold pressed juice followed by Comfort Wellness Shot


Deep Purple cold pressed juice, Sweet Green cold pressed juice


Intense Yellow cold pressed juice, Light Green cold pressed juice

The goal of the juice cleanse is reduce the amount of solid food intake. If you feel very hungry follow the normal cleanse schedule and add in a healthy dinner of raw or steamed veggies. 

For more tips on a successful cleanse see our Cleanse Guide.

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