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A Guide To Preparing For A Juice Cleanse

Is a Cleanse right for you?

Feeling drained, having digestive issues or want to kick start new eating habits? Feeling like you need a fresh start? We are exposed to chemicals and contaminants everyday that have a negative affect on the body. Detoxing is key in keeping your body running well.

The cold pressed juice and shots in our cleanses are made with whole fruit and vegetables and designed with ingredients known to rid your body of unwanted toxins, increase immunity and support your micro-biome. Our cleanses fuel you nutrients and vitamins needed to support a healthy, happy body.  

Preparing for a Cleanse

Allowing your body to prepare will make your cleanse easier and more successful. Before cleansing, begin tapering off on your intake of sugar, dairy and meat. Enjoy healthy meals with as many fruits and vegetables as you like. 

Plan your cleanse wisely. Avoid celebratory times like birthdays, vacations or holidays. Consult with your calendar and choose the best time for you to be successful.


Marvé 1-day juice Cleanse 3-day juice Cleanse

How to do a Marvé Juice Cleanse

Marvé juice cleanses are developed by level. Level 1 is our beginners cleanse and great for first time cleansers. Level 2 is a bit more difficult with lower sugar and calorie content. Level 3 is for experienced cleansers with the lowest sugar and calorie content. All cleanse levels are available as a 1 day cleanse or 3 day cleanse.

Your cleanse package will include everything that you need; 6 cold pressed juices and 2 wellness shots per day. Consult the link below with the cleanse level you chose for the instructions and order in which to do your cleanse. Be sure to drink plenty of water in during the day to stay hydrated. 

Cleanse Level 1   |   Cleanse Level 2   |  Cleanse Level 3

Physical Activity

Light physical activity is Ok but be sure to take it easy. Your cleanse is a great time for meditation, reflection, getting in those 8 hours of sleep and self care for a total mind, body, spirit connection.


Marvé 1-day juice Cleanse 3-day juice Cleanse

Need something more?

The goal of the juice cleanse is reduce the amount of solid food intake. If you feel very hungry follow the normal cleanse schedule and add in a healthy dinner of raw or steamed veggies. 

Post Cleanse

Ease back into eating solid food with vegetables and fruits, slowly adding in lean proteins and grains. Remember, cold pressed juice is great to incorporate into your daily routine as healthy snack or to replace a meal.