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Our Story


We’re on a mission to make delicious, healthy drinks available to all. We take pride in sourcing, packaging, and shipping our juice with Mother Nature as our guide.

Itay & Heather, Co Founders

Meet the Founders

We’re a duo who upon changing to a healthier lifestyle, quickly discovered the premium cost and time that goes along with maintaining it. Plain and simple — it’s not easy. We felt that maintaining a healthier diet should be easier than this, and should be accessible to everyone. From here, the Marvé journey began, and it led us down a path to a healthier, more sustainable, affordable juice.

What We Believe

When we started creating and crafting our recipes for cold-pressed juices, we realized that the typical food supply chain wasn’t as efficient as it could be. It turns out that millions of pounds and fruit and vegetables go to waste each year. Not because they’ve gone bad, but because they’re considered “ugly.” We knew that something needed to be done, so we dug a little deeper. Low and behold, these ugly fruits and vegetables are just as tasty as their better-looking brothers and sisters, all at a fraction of the cost. They’ve become our golden ticket to being able to craft a delicious product that’s accessible to all, while reducing waste in the process.

From packaging to organizations that we work with we place high value on the way that we produce our product and supporting our community. 

Our Products

We source local Tri-State Grade-A oddly shaped fruit and vegetables to produce our Cold Pressed Juice and Wellness Shots. 

As safety is our priority High Pressure Processing (HPP) is used to ensure that our products are fresh and ready for consumption without using preservatives. By using HPP we can maintain the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in our juice.

No Artificial Flavors | No Artificial Colors | No Preservatives

Marve cold pressed juice is vegan     Marve cold pressed juice is no sugar added     marve is gluten free     Marve cold pressed juice is kosher    marve cold pressed juice is dairy free