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Our Story


We founded Marvé because we wanted healthy products that were delicious, accessible, easy and made with purpose.

Itay & Heather, Co Founders

Who We Are

Upon the birth of their daughter, Itay Malkin and Heather Long began a journey to a healthier lifestyle. They quickly discovered the premium cost and time needed to maintain a healthy diet. The pair worked together to discover how they could produce healthy products at fair price and Marvé was created. 

What We Believe

Our mission is to make nutrition accessible to everyone. We are committed to making healthy food and beverage options that are affordable, easy and made with purpose. We started by creating a delicious Cold Pressed Juice. On that journey, we discovered that millions of pounds of fruit and vegetables go to waste each year. Produce that could be making our lives better, but are thrown away because they’re considered “ugly”. So, we started making our Cold Pressed Juice with these Grade A “ugly” fruit and vegetables and made it our purpose to fight food waste. Doing this helps us reduce cost and increase sustainability.

From packaging to organizations that we work with we place high value on the way that we produce our product and supporting our community. 

Our Products

We source local Tri-State Grade-A oddly shaped fruit and vegetables to produce our Cold Pressed Juice and Wellness Shots. 

As safety is our priority High Pressure Processing (HPP) is used to ensure that our products are fresh and ready for consumption without using preservatives. By using HPP we can maintain the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in our juice.

No Added Sugar | No Artificial Flavors | No Artificial Colors | No Preservatives

Marve is nut free     Marve is dairy free     marve is gluten free     marve is certified OU Kosher