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What You Need to Know About Ugly Fruits & Vegetables

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Facts About Ugly Fruits & Vegetables

Over 20% of produce is wasted worldwide before it reaches the store because it is "ugly".  This causes billions of pounds of good, healthy produce to go uneaten just because it doesn't meet aesthetic standards.  To be sold in most stores, produce has to make the grade for size, shape and color.  If it does not meet these standards then it is deemed unsellable. about ugly fruits and vegetables   

Many might think that "ugly fruit" is fruits and vegetables with bruises or wrinkles. Ugly produce is actually perfectly nutritious, fresh, and just as delicious as the perfect looking fruit you see in grocery stores.  The outward appearance has no effect on functionality and nutritional value.  Most ugly produce isn't even that ugly!  It is just a little bit smaller and sometimes a little bit misshapen. 

Stop food waste by eating ugly fruit and vegetablesoddly shaped fruit and vegetablesWe love ugly fruit and vegetables here at Marvé