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Why You Should Drink Wellness Shots

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What are Wellness Shots?

Wellness shots are small but mighty.  Marvé's Wellness Shots are nutrient and mineral packed 2oz cold pressed juices. These shots provide you with a concentration of essential vitamins for overall health, boost your immune system, help with nausea, inflammation, weight loss, digestion, and lowering blood pressure. They are natural pick-me-up!  

Marvé Wellness Shots Menu

Marvé offers 4 different flavors of Wellness Shots.

Renew, Strength, Revive, and Comfort.  Each shot contain special combinations of ingredients that provide you with health benefits.

Renew shot

Contains ingredients that are known to aid in digestion, incase metabolism, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Strength shot

Contains all minerals known to man and purifies the liver, and increases the function of the heart, liver, uterus, and intestines.  

Revive shot

Contains ingredients known to increase metabolism and relieves joint pain and muscle aches.

Comfort shot

Contains ingredients know to increase your immunity and energy levels while aiding in weight loss.  

Why Drink Wellness Shots?

Incorporating Wellness Shots into your everyday routine will have you feeling energized and ready to go.  Since these shots are small, they are perfect for on-the-go.  You can throw one in your bag if you need an energy boost throughout the day, or drink if you are feeling under the weather.  Along with their great health benefits, they're a shot you can actually enjoy because of their sweet taste!