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Wellness Q&A with Nina Endrst

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What is wellness
Wellness can mean many different things to different people.  Maybe it is maintaining a healthy diet, a healthy mind, or staying fit.  We have teamed up with one of our Ambassadors, Nina Endrst, to hear her take on wellness!

Marvé: What does wellness mean to you?

Nina: A daily commitment to personal and collective well being.

Marvé: How did you first get introduced to wellness?

Nina: My Mother meditated daily and practiced yoga during my childhood.

Marvé: What is your #1 wellness tip?

Nina: Be kind to yourself and others. Body, mind, and spirit.

Marvé: Have you had any challenges in your practice?

Nina: Every day. This practice is about showing up every single day and doing the best we can - on and off the mat.

Marvé: How do you spread and share your love for wellness with others?

Nina: Through my work. Through my words. Through my action


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