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Wellness Spotlight: Kate Van Horn

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Meet Kate Van Horn, a certified yoga instructor, wellness influencer and co-founder of The Good Fest.  She's a fan of Marvé juice and we're a big fan of hers, so we caught up with the Philadelphia based entrepreneur to learn more about her wellness journey, mindfulness, meditation and inspiration.

Marvé: What does wellness mean to you?

Kate: Wellness means living life on your terms, in a way that creates alignment in both body, mind, and community. Wellness is about feeling fantastic, and should never come from a fear based or lack mentality. Wellness should feel and look like abundance through our actions: food we eat, way we move, words we speak and relationships we create with ourselves and others. 

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M: When and how did your wellness journey begin?

K: I ate healthy throughout college, but never prioritized it as a lifestyle. After college, I was overcoming a lot of struggles with anxiety, depression and issues with body image. I found a ton of healing in creating a yoga practice, learning mindfulness techniques and cooking wholesome food that felt creative and nourishing. I decided to start blogging about it, and let the blog become a creative outlet and way to connect with other similar women. The rest was history! 

M: What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

K: Yoga and meditation. I do a physical yoga practice about every other day, but my meditation and journaling routine is daily. I light Palo Santo or sage, choose a crystal, and sit for at least 20 minutes. I journal anything that comes up after, including new ideas and inspiration. It's my favorite part of my morning and daily routine!

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M: What tips do you have to stay healthy while traveling during the summer?

K: TONS of water with chlorophyll, taking probiotics, and prioritizing sleep as much as you can while away. I also carry CBD oil for anxiety and sleep, because it's easy to get thrown off and feel more anxious while traveling. 

M: What's your favorite summer recipe you've created?
K: I love using watermelon in refreshing salads with arugula and balsamic reduction. It's the best! I've also made watermelon gazpacho with mint - I really like watermelon, if you can't tell! 
M: Tell us about GOOD Fest, the wellness event you created. 
K:  GOOD Fest is a one day wellness event for 400+ women. We host them nationally, and have a fantastic lineup of inspiring speakers, informative panels, a marketplace of brands that support a healthy lifestyle, yoga, great food and juice and more. It's truly a wellness lovers dream day, and a perfect way to connect with women offline. 
M: What are your tips for building a brand and your social media following?
K:  Consistency is key! Choose 2-3 values or core messages you want your following and audience to know about you and stay true to them. Allow these core values to be what bring an audience that really cares what you have to share, and will value your content. An authentic voice is the only tool that will cut through the chatter on social. The social media world has become a little noisy, because so many great accounts and content are popping up all the time, so it's important to be yourself, share your story, and not compare yourself for others. 
M: What inspires you?
K:  Music is something that I always find inspiring. I love to play it all day while working and writing. I also find it very important to spend time in nature, it's grounding and helps me settle into my own thoughts, not what I'm seeing in media, Instagram etc. That's when new ideas start to come through.
M: What's your favorite Marvé juice flavor?
K: The Light Green flavor is delicious, the perfect level of sweet!
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