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Is a Juice Cleanse right for You?

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 After a long, cold winter of indulging in all of your favorite comfort foods, you’re probably more than ready to detox your body in time for summer. You may have heard that a one-day or three-day juice cleanse can be the healthy kick-start you need. If you’ve never done a juice cleanse before, though, you may be wondering exactly how it's beneficial for your health.

Weight loss is an obvious benefit of a juice cleanse. For some people, dropping a few pounds before a big event is the main reason they're drawn to a cleanse. Although the loss will be primarily water weight, it may be the motivation you need after a season of indulging or if your weight has stalled after trying other diets. Weight loss on a juice cleanse varies among individuals, but you'll feel notably lighter and less bloated as a result.

Losing weight isn’t the only reason for doing a cleanse, though. When you drink juice like Marvé Deep Purple and Marvé Sweet Green, your body also receives an infusion of nutritious vitamins and minerals. Deep Purple, for example, contains 450 percent of your daily value of Vitamin A and 120 percent of your daily value of Vitamin C. That alone may be enough to make your skin glow and your hair shine!

What’s more, because you’re eliminating toxins and solid foods on a juice cleanse, your digestive system is getting a well-deserved break. This detoxing can help it heal and better absorb all those important nutrients in the future. If healing your digestive system is your goal, be sure to drink plenty of detoxing Marvé Intense Yellow on the cleanse. The mix of lemon and cayenne pepper is packed with antioxidants and electrolytes. It aids in digestion, and the spicy kick of cayenne opens the capillaries, simulating the circulatory system.

If you suspect you have food sensitivities, you may find a juice cleanse helpful, too. Try eliminating your suspected “trigger” foods, such as gluten or dairy, for a few days. After gradually reintroducing them into your diet, you may be able to identify exactly what is causing your digestive troubles and avoid eating those foods in the future.

A juice cleanse isn’t for everyone, though. For example, athletes who need to consume a lot of calories each day should avoid a juice cleanse. Always confirm with your doctor if you’re concerned about how a juice cleanse might affect your health.