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Beginners Guide to Meditation

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Meditation is surely becoming mainstream for many good reasons.  Many think that they do not have time for mediation, or they "can't sit still", and think its just for Yogis and spiritual people.  Meditation actually can be for everyone and does not take much time or effort!  


What is meditation?

In simple terms, mediation is a practice that trains your mind.  You can sit comfortably with your eyes closed and repeat a mantra.  A mantra is a sound or word to help focus the mind.  Mantras assist in disconnecting from the constant stream of thoughts in our mind.  Meditation could also be just inhaling and exhaling for one minute, or sitting in silence listening to your breath and paying attention to your physical sensations as well as environment.  When you feel your mind wondering, you gently bring it back to the present.    

Benefits of meditation 

Daily meditation is proven to boost your immune system, release fears, heighten intuition, clear your mind, and improve overall happiness!  It is a simple way to bring you back to center.  It is possible to experience the benefits right away, but overtime these benefits will continuously grow.