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10 Reasons to Drink Wheatgrass

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What is Wheatgrass?

I'm sure that you have heard of wheatgrass by now, maybe you have already tried it. But what is it exactly and why should you drink it? 

Wheatgrass is the freshly sprouted first leaves of the wheat plant. Wheatgrass is offered in powder, tablet and raw form. While the taste of Wheatgrass is intense consuming it raw is the most beneficial.

There are far too may reported benefits of Wheatgrass to fit into 20 reasons to drink it. Our top picks are summarized for you below. 

10 Reasons to Drink Wheatgrass Juice Shots

1. Chlorophyll is antibacterial and is widely considered a natural healer for both inside the body and out. 

2. May reduce cholesterol. In an animal study Wheatgrass helped to lower total cholesterol and increased "good" HDL cholesterol as compared to a control group.

3. Liquid chlorophyll found in Wheatgrass may renew body tissue.

4. May aid in regulation of blood sugar.

5. Chlorophyll may neutralize toxins found in the body.

6. Research shows that wheatgrass and its components may help reduce inflammation. While inflammation is your body's natural response to protect itself against injury and infection it is believed to contribute to diseases like cancer and Heart disease.

7. Wheatgrass is a powerhouse and contains all minerals known to man, and vitamins B-complex, A, C, I, E and K. May support everything from blood clotting to healthy skin and vision. 

8. Wheatgrass is protein rich and contains 17 amino acids the building blocks of protein. 

9. May Aid in digestion including reducing inflammation of the colon (ulcerative colitis)

10. May reduce joint pain when applied topically. 

How to work Wheatgrass Juice Shots into your daily routine

Marve strength wheatgrass juice shot

Wheatgrass is available in tablet, capsule, power and raw form. We enjoy the Marvé Strength Shot  where Wheatgrass is the primary ingredient.  While wheatgrass can has an intense taste on it's own this shot has added pineapple  and lemon juice for a nice flavor. The Strength shot is a delicious and easy way to benefit from Wheatgrass.