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Watermelon & Lemonade Cocktail Recipes

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Having a cocktail at the end of the day or over the weekend with your friends shouldn't mess up your health kick.  These recipes are calorie and sugar conscious that include fresh ingredients that won't leave you felling guilty after.

Salted Watermelon Tequila Smash


Pressed juice makes for the perfect healthy cocktail base.  For this summery mixture you will need Marve's 12pk Vivid Red Juice1 bottle of Reposado Tequila, 5oz Blanc-style Vermouth, and a pinch of kosher salt.  Feel free to get creative and garnish it with a fresh watermelon wedge.

Ginger Spice Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade is great for fighting fatigue and reducing
inflammation in the body. It's quick to make, naturally sweetened,
and super refreshing!  Add 12pk of Intense Yellow, 1 bottle of Ginger Ale1 bunch of mint leaves, 1 bottle Vodka (citrus flavor works well) to a pitcher with ice.