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Sweet Green Cocktail Recipes

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Green Goddess

This green drink will help you balance the retox with the detox!  Also it will help you get your daily dose of greens in an even tastier way.  Make this drink at home by combining 2 6k of Sweet Green, 1 bottle of apple cider or juice, 1 bunch of mint leaves and 1 bottle of pineapple flavored Vodka.

Green Machine Daiquiri

In the mood for a healthy, bubbly, and flavorful drink?  If so, the green machine is for you!  Add the 2 6pk Sweet Green, 1 bottle of white rum, 3 bottles of ginger beer, and 1 can of lemon seltzer into a pitcher with ice.  Share this green drink with friends and family so everyone can experience the health benefits, and amazing taste!

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