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3 Ingredient Healthy Pancakes

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Pancakes are an all around fan favorite. But we've found a 3 ingredient healthy pancake recipe thats tasty and sweet so you still feel like you're indulging without feeling guilty. No dairy, no eggs, no flour! Just three simple ingredients most people already have at home.  


3 cups oats 
2 bananas
2 cups soy, almond, or oat milk


Blend oats, banana, and milk till medium to thick batter is formed. Pour 1/3 at a time onto a nonstick pan and allow the pancakes to cook until bubbles appear around edges, then flip.  


If you want to get fancy and add more flavor while getting additional vitamins, try adding berries or drizzled peanut butter!

These pancakes are even more filling than traditional pancakes because of the key ingredient, oats! Oats are very filling and a great carbohydrate to start your day.