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The Best Workouts while on a Juice Cleanse

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Exercising while on a juice cleanse has benefits such as stimulating blood circulation, respiration, and sweating which helps to detoxify your body.  If you typically workout regularly, it is important to listen to your body and perhaps tone down your intense workouts for the week since juice cleanses require a lot of energy.  We have curated a list of activities that will help to enhance your cleanse.


Yoga for juice cleanse

Practicing yoga strengthens and stretches your muscle fibers, increases breath capacity, relaxes your nervous system, increases your balance and improves your focus.  Yoga is the perfect match for a juice cleanse because it is low impact but helps to centralize your intention and lead to a healthy lifestyle.  


walking for exercise while on juice cleanse

The human body is naturally made to walk.  Walking at a fast pace will release oxygen and pump it into your lungs and blood which helps your system detox.  

Foam Rolling   

what is foam rolling

If you are new to foam rolling, you definitely are in for a treat.  Foam rolling is beneficial on and off a juice cleanse to warm up or stretch out your muscles before and after workouts. While on a cleanse, foam rolling releases lactic acid and toxins found in your muscle tissue, increases blood flow to your muscles, and breaks up muscle knots which all boosts the detox process.  

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