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Rooftop Yoga with RYU x Modo Yoga

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Modo Yoga NYC is partnering up with RYU Apparel and Marvé to host a Rooftop yoga class.  The event will be held at WeWork Williamsburg on Wednesday, July 25th, at 5:30 pm.  Following the event Marvé will be providing delicious and healthy juice to cool off after.  Don’t forget to bring your own mat! Now lets meet your certified yoga instructor, Alex Lamb.  


Marvé: When did you first come to yoga?

Alex: I started practicing back in college.  I was dating someone who was a yoga instructor and I decided to try a class.  The relationship didn’t last, but my love for yoga did!

Marvé: How do you describe your style of teaching?

Alex: I love to move!  I definitely appreciate a vigorous practice and I think that translates into my teaching.  Mostly I try to create a space for people to have their own experience. It shouldn’t be about me; I’m just there to facilitate and support someone else’s practice in whatever way I can.

Marvé: Who/What has had the most influence on your yoga practice?

Alex: I think finding a yoga home here in NYC has changed my entire life, not just my yoga practice.  Modo Yoga is such an incredible community that really supports it’s teachers in their continued growth, both in and out of the studio.  I owe so much to the incredible people who work and practice there.

Marvé: What is your biggest challenge in your personal practice?

Alex: Not getting ahead of myself and staying present for the journey.  Each moment of a practice has something to teach you, but if you’re busy thinking about where you’re going you won’t be able to take it all in.  Also, handstands

Marvé: What is one life lesson that you try to teach through yoga?

Alex: Sometimes it’s the smallest revelations that make the biggest impact.

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