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Our Favorite Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow

Written By Kristen Bousquet
Photo courtesy of @thisplantbasedlife
Category > Lifestyle

We have used Pinterest for the latest and greatest in recipes, fitness plans, and information on how to be well, but now Instagram is just as hot of a spot to do so — thanks to the quick growing number of wellness influencers currently sharing their lives with anyone who clicks on their name.

As we all know, because of Instagram’s popularity, sometimes there can be too many options of what pages to follow and where to look for inspiration without getting overwhelmed with options. Luckily, we’ve been scrolling for years, so we’re fully prepared to pick out the influencers who can seriously have a positive effect on your life, and we’ve done just that in the list below.

  • Sheridyn Fisher, @thisplantbasedlife health instagram

    Sheridyn Fisher, @thisplantbasedlife

    Sheri has been living a vegan, plant-based lifestyle about nine years, so it’s safe to say we believe everything she has to say about the particular way of eating. You’ll love her community on the ‘gram where she’s constantly sharing her favorite recipes, what inspired her to live a Plant-Based life, and show how it has grown her to be the person that she is.


    Jeannette Ogden, @shutthekaleup health instagram

  • Jeannette Ogden, @shutthekaleup

    With almost 300,000 Instagram followers, it’s no wonder why you’re seeing Jeannette’s name pop up all over your Explore page. Ogden is obsessed with real food (she’s constantly sharing recipes and photos of what’s she’s cooking up), health/wellness (just watch her most recent video of her treating herself to a Gua Sha facial) and being a mom (she has the cutest little boy).


    Rachael DeVaux, @rachelsgoodeats health instagram

  • Rachael DeVaux, @rachelsgoodeats

    This registered dietician is the co-founder of the first gourmet toast and coffee bar in Las Vegas, Toast Society. Her incredible food photography will probably be the first thing that draws you in, but once you really get to know her through her Instagram stories and real-life posts, you won’t be able to hit “unfollow”.


    Rachel Mansfield, @rachlmansfield health instagram

  • Rachel Mansfield, @rachlmansfield

    This mom shares her tips, tricks, and recommendations for everything from beauty products to travel-related topics on her ‘gram. Her tagline “making real good taste real good” could not be more truthful considering every recipe we’ve tried from her tastes like it’s actually heaven-sent. You’ll also love seeing her adorable little guy, Ezra, on her feed and Stories as well.


    Elizabeth Stein, @purely_elizabeth health instagram

  • Elizabeth Stein, @purely_elizabeth

    If you love a beautifully colorful Instagram feed, look no further than Elizabeth’s. As the founder of Purely Elizabeth, nutrient-rich granola, oatmeal, and meal bars, she has made healthier food decisions simpler (and prettier, to be honest).


    Lee Tilghman, @leefromamerica health instagram

  • Lee Tilghman, @leefromamerica

    Lee is the epitome of a free spirit. Just by taking one glance at her page, you’ll see that a) she’s obsessed with her pup, Samson, the girl knows how to whip up a dish or two (or an entire year’s worth of healthy options), and that she’s totally relatable. She wakes up with messy hair, she reads self-help books, and she loves to down a good bowl of ramen (gluten-free, duh).


    Olivia Noceda, @olive.eeeats health instagram

  • Olivia Noceda, @olive.eeeats

    This Los Angeles-based beauty is the wild horse we’ve all dreamt of being. She spends her spare time setting intentions, documenting her favorite books, and broadening her horizons with travel — all while sharing it with us along the way. We love the way she can look super fabulous (even after a workout) in her loungewear in one post, but can be totally dolled up for a selfie in the next — something we strive to perfect.


    Britt Deanda + Tara Schulenberg, @elevatetheglobe

  • Britt Deanda + Tara Schulenberg, @elevatetheglobe

    These two babes really show the Instagram world that being spiritual is actually pretty cool. Don’t let anyone give you the side eye when you’re meditating because according to Elevate the Globe’s feed, keeping in touch with your body is one of the most important things you can do.


    Marissa Lace, @marissalace health instagram

  • Marissa Lace, @marissalace

    Think of Marissa as your Instagram coach on all things wellness. She teaches self-love like no other through adorable quotes that we just want to set as our iPhone wallpaper to creative selfies that make us love our bodies just as much as she loves hers. In her words, she teaches you “how to tap into your inner goddess and manifest anything.” Okay, girl.. Sign us up!


    Melissa Wood, @melissawoodhealth mom and health and wellness expert instagram account

  • Melissa Wood, @melissawoodhealth

    In Wood’s words, she’s a “mom first”. Aside from being the best mama, she’s also a certified yoga and pilates teacher, wellness coach, meditator, and someone who follows a plant-based diet. She strives to help other women conquer their wellness fears, confusions, and unwillingness to make something of themselves through real-life Instagram posts that demonstrate just how important taking care of your self really is.