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Marvé Reduces Food Waste – You Can, Too

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Did you know that when you drink Marvé's cold-pressed juices that you're actually helping to reduce food waste and supporting sustainability? Marvé's delicious juices are all made using "ugly produce", which are high quality but oddly shaped fruits and vegetables deemed unsellable by grocery stores and markets that would typically be thrown away. By using these Grade A oddly shaped produce to make our products, we reduce the cost for consumers while fighting food waste, which is a growing global problem.

North America is the world leader in food waste, with 1.3 billion tons of food wasted each year. Approximately one third of all produced food isn't used, but there are some simple ways to combat this. Here are 5 tips to help fight food waste in your everyday life.

1. Freeze your food. By freezing fruits and vegetables, they'll last much longer than storing them in the fridge. Any food that's close to expiring can be frozen and cooked later. 

2. Take inventory before going grocery shopping and don't be tempted by supermarket sales to stock up. Many times, we end purchasing items we already have at home. Also be careful of supermarket specials that encourage you to buy in bulk for a discount. If you don't end up using it, does it matter that you got a good price? Buy only what you actually need.

3. Consider composting. You can use food scraps and coffee grounds to build a compost pile in your backyard, and compost is a great fertilizer for your garden and lawn. You can also purchase a compost bin.

4. Eat leftovers instead of tossing them. Have extra food from dinner you cooked? You can take it to work for lunch the next day. Dining out at a restaurant and didn't finish your meal? Ask to get it wrapped up and enjoy it later.

5. Keep your fridge, pantry and freezer organized. When you buy new items, move older ones to the front so they're visible and you consume them first before they expire.

By drinking Marvé and using these tips to reduce food waste, you're helping to make our world a better place. Cheers to that!