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How is Marvé Made?

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Where Does Marvé Source Fruits and Vegetables?

Marvé's Grade-A fruits and vegetables come from farms in the New York and New Jersey area and the juice is made in a production facility in Edison, New Jersey.


Marvés Ugly Fruit

It turns out that millions of pounds and fruit and vegetables go to waste each year, about 40% to be exact.  Not because they’ve gone bad, but because they’re considered “ugly.”  These ugly fruits and vegetables are just as tasty as their better-looking brothers and sisters, all at a fraction of the cost.  They’ve become Marvé's golden ticket to being able to craft a delicious product that’s accessible to all, while reducing waste in the process.  


The Cold-Pressed Process

The juice at Marvé is cold-pressed at the peak of fruits and vegetables freshness for maximin flavor benefit.  As safety is Marvé's priority High Pressure Processing (HPP) is used to ensure that the products are fresh and ready for consumption without using preservatives. By using HPP we can maintain the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes in the juice.  After this process, the leftovers are sent back to farmers for composite.

Juice Delivered to Your Home

No added sugar, no artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives.  Chose from a variety of juices and wellness shots that will then be delivered right to your front door in an insulated cardboard box.  Shake well, and enjoy!