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Francesca Kennedy and Ix Style

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Francesca Kennedy is a compassionate, creative and innovative individual who founded Ix Style Water For Children.  Francesca and her family are from Guatemala where the country, people there, and the land have a special place in their heart.  Guatemala is where Francesca has the fondest childhood memories that have shaped her into the person she is today.  In 2011, she experienced a disturbing moment when she went back to Guatemala for Thanksgiving to visit her grandparents and her favorite spot, Lake Atitlan.  This lake, being 3 times the size of Manhattan, was covered in green sewage water.  There she saw young girls collecting water to drink, bath in, and cook with, despite it being contaminated.  Francesca then went to the local market and spoke with a vendor who was struggling to sell goods and explained her worries about feeding her children.  After both of these discoveries, Francesca felt powerless but determined.  She decided to go back to the empty market and speak with the woman about helping her sell her huarache sandals.  Francesca saw potential in these beautiful locally handmade shoes to grow a global market.

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From this, Ix Style Water For Children came to life.  With her original idea of helping one women, it eventually morphed into helping over 600 women around the lake.  The companies mission is to help provide clean drinking water to the communities and so far they have donated water filters to thousands of people.  Ix has created jobs for local women that help keep their tradition and culture alive by placing their products in stores such as J.Crew, GAP, and Anthropology.  

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Because of Ix, 60% of Lake Atitlan has been cleaned up which is seen as an exciting sign of hope.  

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