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Employee Wellness Programs That Stand Out

Written by Kristen Bousquet
Category > Lifestyle

In a perfect world, we’d all be absolutely infatuated with our jobs, we wouldn’t work toomuch — just enough — and we’d be able to pay more attention to self-care. Unfortunately, for many people, that’s just not the case. Especially in today’s world, we spend way too many hours of our days staring at a computer screen at work, only thinking about numbers and information that relate to projects we’re currently working on, and not spending enough time working on ourselves.

As we know when we’re our best selves, we go into work with a more clear mind, an attitude that is ready to get things accomplished, and a great attitude in general which can only mean great things when it comes to your job. For this reason, many companies are investing more and more into their employees and the wellness of said employees. Brands are offering complimentary, healthy food options on hand, fitness-related activities, and plenty of breaks throughout the day to reconnect with yourself when you need to take a step back.  


Of all the companies out there, Google may be the most well-known for their incredible employee wellness programs. They provide on-site healthcare services whether you need a physician or a masseuse to work out that knot you have in your back from spending the day at your computer. When it comes to food and fitness, they are nothing short of amazing. With on-site cafes and kitchens, Google allows their employees to have access to nutritious meals and snacks. They also offer major paid vacation volunteer time.


For a company that prepares taxes, it makes sense that they’d make sure their employees are taking care of their mental health and wellness. Their “Fit for Life” program allows employees to be reimbursed for expenses that are related to physical, emotional, and financial health. It really focuses on stress management (which makes sense when your job revolves around taxes, ugh!). Intuit also rewards their employees for taking part in stress-relieving activities like meditation, taking walks, and listening to calming music.


If you love naps, Asana may be the company for you to look into. In their offices, there are “nap rooms” that allow their employees to take naps to recharge during the day. You’ll also love the fact that the company offers unlimited paid time off for their employees to keep their work-life balance alive. When it comes to fitness, Asana offers daily yoga classes, free gym memberships, and more. For food, their in-house culinary team serves healthy meals three times a day that include fresh product from local farms. What more could you ask for?


Whether you’re looking for more mental health, physical health, or nutritional help, Microsoft has your back. In terms of long term goals, the company can help you quit smoking, lose weight, and train for any type of fitness-related goal you have. They offer free Zumba classes, sports like basketball, volleyball, and baseball, and gym memberships. Their Microsoft CARES employee program also offers free counseling for you and your family. When you’re hungry, their dining hall offers plenty of healthy options.


Flexible work schedules are just one perk of working at Fitbit. The health technology company offers fully-stocked kitchens full of healthy foods to keep you feeling your absolute best. On Wednesdays, the company offers “Workout Wednesdays” where employees can take advantage of free on-site classes, running clubs, and office step challenges. Fitbit employees can also work with their managers to determine their own paid time off with their Flexible Time Away program among many other benefits.