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Omri Kleinberger

Yoga Instructor + Speaker

South Orange, NJ

Omri is a Yoga Instructor, a Presenter, and a Speaker on Wellness and Meditation. He grew up in Israel and South Africa, two very different places of which he has tremendously vivid and rich memories of.  His professional career started in the corporate world, following in his fathers footsteps.  Omri went to business school with the intention of what he now understands was to examine the demands of the life and it’s imbalances. Along the way, he became a yoga teacher and speaker on wellness and meditation because he believes that we can all benefit from understanding ourselves (physically and mentally) better, as well as living more harmoniously with the worlds around us.  As a teacher, Omri's goal is to help people explore life’s deeper meanings, and become physically and mentally resilient.    

Words I live by

If you realized how powerful your thoughs are, you'd never think a negative thought.

Reasons I love to sweat

It makes me feel amazing, cleansed, it allows me to reset mentally and physically, as if i’ve sweated out all the negativity.

A goal that lights me up

Living my way, as much as possible and for as long as possible
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