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Jordan Drankoski

Social Media Marketing

Los Angeles, CA

Jordan is originally from New York, but moved to LA right after graduating college to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. From there, she danced in music videos, commercials and live performances while attending business school and building her healthy living blog, Dancing for Donuts. Now she works in social media marketing and is passionate about sharing her love of food, healthy habits, and fitness. When she's not working at her full-time job or on her blog, she loves connecting with other like-minded women, dancing (of course!), and spending time adventuring with her boyfriend.

Words I live by

Everything happens for a reason.

Reasons I love to sweat

Endorphins! I always feel happier and more energetic after a workout or dance class. I also feel like my sweat sesh is "me-time" and the hour in a day I get to myself with no phone, no other responsibilities, and no distractions.

A goal that lights me up

I really want to help small businesses, particularly women-owned or women-run, increase their social footprint and succeed. As a female entrepreneur myself, I love connecting with others and if I can use my talents to compliment theirs, I know we can make a difference together.



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