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Jessica Anderson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Marie is a 25 year old former Texan who now resides in Los Angeles.  She is a social media manager and also runs an influencer division. Jessica is plant based and has a love for fitness as well as corgis.  She also has her own YouTube channel where she creates informative videos about health, activewear, and skincare. 

Words I live by

If the world is cold, make it your business to build fires.

Why I live a healthy lifestyle

I work from home so sitting at my desk all day - I need some way to release all of my energy! I love to go for a sprint or go lift at the gym!

What lights me up

I would like to eventually start my own company! I have everything planned out strategically for how to approach it. Step 1 begins next month, which is social media growth hacking to set up a strong backbone! I like to get creative when it comes to business.
marve ambassador jessica andersonmarve ambassador jessica anderson