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Isabelle Koritsas

Healthy Recipe Developer

Washington, DC

Isabelle is a wellness junkie + healthy recipe developer living in Washington, DC. Her Instagram and blog dive into all things "good gut feelings" -- whether that's gut health, food, travel, lifestyle hacks, skincare recommendations or awesome genuine human connection. Check her out at @goodgutfeelings for some feel good vibes and daily inspirations. 

Words I live by

She believed she could, so she did.

Reasons I love to sweat

I love hot yoga. Sweating it out like that feels like the best internal cleanse you could get. It's like starting fresh every time you leave your mat. 

A goal that lights me up

Being able to bring easy + accessible wellness to all those who are curious. I want to show people that healthy options and a feel good lifestyle aren't intimidating and everyone deserves to feel their best.
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