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Clair Zhan

Lifestyle Blogger

New York, NY

Clair is a Lifestyle Blogger who has a love for food, fashion and travel.  She also is very passionate about health and wellness.  Through her blog, she strives to positively influence and inspire others unique journeys in life. This stylish gal also has her own Youtube channel.

Words I live by

To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders. 

Reasons I love to sweat

I love breaking a sweat, whether it's from a boxing class, running in the central park, or shopping (that's my cardio). I make sure that I sweat often because it is a natural way to detox the mind, body, and soul. 

A goal that lights me up

As a part of the human race, I believe we are meant to help each other and rise together. The ultimate goal in my life is to be able to bring good into the society, whether it's bringing awareness to sustainable living, animal protection or even mental health. The thought of becoming someone who can bring good to the world, that lights me up. 
Image of Ambassador Clair Zhan Image of Clair Zhan